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The Man,The Passion,The Calling On Saturday October 5, 2019, The Savvy Event Guru had the opportunity to sit down with the ONE & ONLY Mr. Scheron Harley, International Hall of Fame, Celebrity Designer and Stylist of the Haus of Falenci'ago clothing line. For someone who has experienced so much success in a short period of time, Mr. Harley was very humble and the vibe of this interview was more so similar to old friends catching up opposed to 2 people meeting for the 2nd time.  Background  Scheron Harley is originally from Maryland and at the age of 6 years old Scheron began his career in the ARTS!  This 6 year old genius taught himself how to read music. How many 6 year olds do you know can read music? Not many!  There are a host of other skills that Mr. Harley taught himself, but reading music is just one of the many! Interview: The Savvy Event Guru: How did you get started? Did you go right into Fashion Design?   Training: Mr. Scheron Harley: I attended the Duke Ellington School of the Arts but didn’t get started with designing clothes right away.  I actually started off as a dancer.  Adrian Vincent James, the first African American Male to dance with the Houston Ballet, trained me in dance.  I am actually trained in Ballet dance, modern dance and Spanish Dance. Dancing was a passion of mines and I was very good at it.  I also worked and taught dance to inter-city youth. Dancing then led to modeling. Mr. Scheron Harley: In high school I was in charge of the Modeling team at my school.  I was a professional model and at the time I was working with an agent and was booked to model for several fashion show events.  At the age 16, Jarmal Harris with Exquisite Modeling Agency, found me at Duke Ellington School of the Arts.  I then began working with Jarmal and his modeling agency where Jarmal laid the foundation for me and taught me how to make a business in the fashion industry. The Savvy Event Guru: What age did you begin designing clothes? Who and what influenced you to go into the Fashion Industry? Mr. Scheron Harley: The first time that I sat behind a sewing machine was March of 2009 and I made my 1st dress in 3 WEEKS!!  A few months later on June 9, 2009 exactly 3 months before my 18th birthday, I  woke up that morning and said to myself “I am going to start a clothing line.” And that's what I did with the help of my NEW Sewing machine, which was donated to me by a school teacher at my high school. The Savvy Event Guru: What Fashion Industry education do you possess? Mr. Scheron Harley: Right after graduating The Duke Ellington Performance Arts school, Class of 2009, I applied to 2 fashion schools, the Art institute of Philadelphia and the Art Institute of New York.  I ultimately chose the Art Institute of New York, but due to financial set-backs, I was not able to attend the school.  So I did the NEXT BEST thing that I could think of doing and that was teaching myself  EVERYTHING from designing clothes, to sewing clothes, etc. And on top of that, I had never taken a sewing class. The Savvy Event Guru: What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome in this industry and over all? Mr. Scheron Harley: My biggest hurdle to date for me has been the size stipulations in regards to the mannequins that I use to design clothes.  In the beginning it was slightly hard to maneuver into the Plus Size industry, but with a little extra attention to details and a keen eye for fashion, I was able to succeed.   Mr. Scheron Harley: One of the biggest decision for entrepreneurs is whether to do this full-time or to continue your business part-time and like many, I struggled with this same decision. Where is my next meal or paycheck going to come from?  Then I made the decision.  Finally in 2013, I began to work with celebrities and this was the year where I felt like “I can finally breathe now”.  I knew that in order for me to do this fashion designing full-time I would need a steady clientele and thankfully, that's what I got!   The Savvy Event Guru: What has been your biggest accomplishment to date? Mr. Scheron Harley: I have had many accomplishment but there are a few that stand out for me.  In February 2019, I was inducted into the Fashion Design International Hall of Fame.  This was a huge honor for me. My mother attended this event with me as well.  Another huge accomplishment was when I received the call from ICON, SUPERSTAR, Chaka Khan in regards to garments that she wanted me to design for her event. This was a HUGE accomplishment!!!  Icon, Singer & Songwritter Chaka Khan The Savvy Event Guru: Who are some of the Well-know Celebrities that you’ve worked with? Mr. Scheron Harley: Hmmmm I have worked with celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Anita Baker, Taylor Dane,Toni Braxton, Kim Fields, Dru Hill, New Edition, Jill Scott and the list goes on!!  I also have gone on tour with some celebrities as well.  WHITE HOUSE BET Premiere Concert Special: Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration Scheron styled Celebrity Couple  Ronnie from Group BELL, BIV, DEVOE and wife Shamari Deveo Celebrity Malinda Williams at the SOUL TRAIN MUSIC AWARDS Celebrity R&B Group EnVogue  DRU HILL Show at The HOWARD THEATRE 2/19/14 The REAL HOUSEWIVES of ATLANTA Reunion The Savvy Event Guru: How did you come up with the name HAUS of FALENCI’AGO? Mr. Scheron Harley: To give the full story, originally I was looking at the names "Ooh LaLa" and "House of Shauka" and then One day I was watching Court TV and there was a person with the name Valenci.  I decided to drop the "V" and add the "F" and then added "iago" and came up with Falenci'ago.  In 2011 I decided to drop the 'House" and go with "HAUS". It is a name that has a little bit of German, American and French intertwined into one. Very "timeless" and "classic". The Savvy Event Guru: I like it a lot! You have a very clever name for your clothing line.    Celebrities dressed in HAUS of FALENCI'AGO The Savvy Event Guru: You make a variety of different gowns and clothing for many people, ranging from Prom gowns to Wedding Gowns; What would you say is the range of the cost for your clothing? Mr. Scheron Harley: I have been blessed to be and work in the Fashion Industry for 10 consecutive years.  I started this journey back in 2009 and I have been blessed to have done so many great things and gone so many great places in such a short time period of time.  10 years ago, some of my gowns and clothing were priced at a range of $10-$20 and now my gowns and clothing can reach anywhere up to $13,000.00 in cost.  The Savvy Event Guru: What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a fashion designer? Mr. Scheron Harley: The advice that I would give would be to find what works for your brand and be consistent with what you are doing. In order for you to do this job full time you must have a steady clientele. I would also tell someone to always, always, always, get it in writing.  A contract will save your life! The Savvy Event Guru: What are you currently working on? Mr. Scheron Harley: Prom Season is NOW and I devote 8 months to prom season.  I am currently doing consultation appointments and working on client gowns.  I will also be working on Wedding gowns for my client's as well.  The Savvy Event Guru: What’s NEXT for HAUS of FALENCI’AGO? Mr. Scheron Harley: Hmmmm in October we are planning to release our NEW Menswear Collection.  This new line can be purchased at our online store!  Check out some of the new pieces from our NEW Menswear line below! The Savvy Event Guru: WOW, that is wonderful!  Very nice!! Well it has certainly been a pleasure sitting down with you today.  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me!   Mr. Scheron Harley: Your certainly welcome!    For more on Mr. Scheron Harley and Haus of Falenci'ago see contact information below.  How can people contact you for bookings? For Bookings see Follow us on Instagram @hofalenciago and on Facebook at Haus Of Falenci'ago Clothing Line. For More from The Savvy Event Guru check out Our website at and also check us out on THE SAVVY EVENT GURU YouTube Channel at
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Survivors, Thrivers, Conquerors On Sunday, October 20, 2019 I had the profound opportunity of attending the 5-Year Milestone Celebration Purple Runway Fashion Show.  This exquisite event was organized to bring awareness to Domestic Violence. Nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. 85% of Domestic Violence Victims are women and 15% are males. About 63% of homeless women have experienced domestic violence in their adult lives. Men who are victimized are less likely than women to report their situation to police. Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to police. The CAUSE for The Purple Runway and the awareness that it brings to Domestic Violence is a subject matter that warrants a huge conversation!! VENUE: This 5YEAR MILESTONE Celebration took place at the Mercedes-Benz of Arlington. The Mercedes-Benz of Arlington is a located at 585 N Glebe Road, Arlington VA, 22203. The Pause for celebration was a celebration indeed! The venue was perfect and fit the theme of the event.  When entered on the far right of the venue, there was a pre-set Reception area which consisted of high top tables, vendors and a buffet area for food.  The area was complete with 2 step and repeats near the entrance and a PURPLE CARPET! THE SAVVY EVENT GURU This 1-level venue set-up was complete with the event runway and stage area situated to the far left of the venue.  The WHITE Chairs and PURPLE RUNWAY LOGO decal printed on the RUNWAY created a elegant and sophisticated look for the event.  Guests were greeted by shire white drapes with gold sparkle and purple drapes as the backdrop. I always say that less is more and just the right amount of décor can turn a boring event into a ravishing and exciting one! The Cocktail Reception: With it’s high top tables and luxury floor length linens, the floor room of the Mercedes Benz dealership was quickly turned into a elegant space that greeted the guests as they entered the entrance to the venue. The Cocktail event began at about 5:30pm. Food for the event was provided by Zappetizers.  Guests were greeted with delicious appetizers of shrimp cocktail, meatballs, chicken, spinach dip and more.  The vendors outlined one wall of the space and they provide wine tasting, jewelry, etc. Each part of this event included entertainment.  Guests were entertainment at the cocktail hour by Singer Beverly Johnson and Singer Chris Meraki.  After which, the MC, Dr. Renee’ Allen turned the floor over to the Event HOST and Founder of the Purple Runway, Gigi McMillan.  Gigi then thanked the sponsors, her team and her partners!  After a few more laughs, more networking and food, it was time for the fashion show to begin! FOUNDER & EVENT HOST Gigi McMillan Founder of The Purple Runway & Event Host with Founder of The Bernie House; funds from the Purple Runway event were donated to this Organization, that provide Transitional housing for families made Homeless due to Domestic Violence. Singer Beverly Johnson, Cocktail Hour Host & MC Dr. Renee's Allen and the Savvy Event Guru!  The PURPLE CARPET Correspondent for this event was Public Figure, TV Reporter Debra Alfarone! Purple Carpet Correspondent & The Savvy Event Guru The Fashion Show: The introduction to the Purple Runway’s 5th year milestone consisted of a skit with the Models dressed in all black working the runway with Mirrors.  I am worthy, I am beautiful, was some of what was said by the models as they created a FLOOD on the runway.  After the intro, the Founder and Event Host, Gigi Mcmillan and her family strutted down the runway!  Gigi McMillan spoke and gave the Welcome, followed by words from Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton.  After which it was time for the fashion show to begin!  The Purple Runway Fashion Show displayed Collections by Justina, Manny Toraz, AncaDesign, Rosendorf/ Evans and a collection by Nicteel! The models took the stage and designers displayed their fashion in an exceptional way.  Gowns, dresses, jumpsuits and furs were all on display.  Each designer did a fantastic job with the style for the runway.  Its not easy being a designers and not everyone can do the job that they do! During the fashion show, there was a performance by singer Keri,  Words from Founder of The Bernie House, a performance by  Epiphany and a presentation by the Community Champions! Fur designer Rosendorf/Evans came to the stage with FURS for all  seasons!!  This designer had furs ranging from vest to full length  coats.  With winter only months away the furs were right on time.   The Finale Designer for The Purple Runway was a beautiful  Collection by Nicteel!  This was such a great event.  Overall Experience: My overall experience of the Purple Runway’s 5th year milestone fashion show celebration can be describe as being an event that over delivered on my expectations.  This event definitely delivered on coordination of logistics, style, entertainment and decor!   When I arrived to the Purple runway event, I was assisted by 2 ladies at the registration/check-in desk.  I received my PRESS PASS and I was then escorted to the Fashion Show area and seated in the Photo Pit area, to view the fashion show. I had the BEST Seat in the house, or at least I thought I did! The fashion show lasted until about 9:30pm!  The entertainment, designers, the Host and special guests helped make this 5th year milestone celebration and celebration to remember.  All staff were very helpful and resourceful in helping me get to where I needed to be.  The true meaning and definition of what the Purple Runway event stands for was shown and exhibited through-out the advertisement for the event and on the actual day of the event. My admiration for the cause and the woman behind the Purple Runway has grown tremendously after viewing such an amazing event .   The Founder and host of The Purple Runway Mrs. Gigi McMillan has created a MOVEMENT of women who use their stories of domestic violence to fuel and motivate others to take stands, that they may not have ever imagine that they could.  This movement is one of complete Sisterhood and a strong source of SuperWoman Power! FOUNDER & EVENT HOST Gigi McMillan & The Savvy Event Guru Bucceri Elite' Modeling Agency Owner Heidi Gumucio and The Savvy Event Guru Model Bianca Word & The Savvy Event Guru Model Shelena Harris & The Savvy Event Guru Model Richard Senkbile & The Savvy Event Guru For More from The Savvy Event Guru check out Our website at and also check us out on THE SAVVY EVENT GURU YouTube Channel at
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to  "The People's Emcee" Dr. Renee' 'Starlynn' Allen My Voice Your Community Photo taken by Jackie Hicks, Make-up by Letitia Thornhill  THE WOMAN, THE DRIVE. THE JOURNEY Originally from New York, Dr. Renee' Starlynn Allen grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut and is the oldest of 3 girls. Dr. Allen  is known for having a heart of GOLD, connecting people and helping a multitude of others! A recipient of over 30 AWARDS, Dr. Allen's spirit is AMAZING and her GIFT for blessing others is truly remarkable! As someone who has a heart for helping others, it was only befitting for Dr. Allen to join the Military! Dr. Renee' Allen joined the United States Navy at the age of 17.  She would often admire a photo of her father and grandfather who were both in uniform, but it wasn't until approached by service men in high school, that she then, made the decision to join.   This highly decorated 21-year retired veteran of the United States Navy and the United States Navy Reserves, served during the Grenada Invasion and Dessert Shield/Storm.  Dr. Allen also served on the prestigious PRESIDENT of the United States METU Mayo Clinic Team for presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.  She was awarded the LETTER OF COMMENDATION from Admiral Rucci, her 1st award in the Military.  Dr. Allen went on to receive several other Conduct Medals and she was even awarded the PRESIDENTIAL AWARD from President Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.    Dr. Allen moved to the Washington, DC Metro Area and retired from the Unites States Navy at Bethesda Navy Hospital, now known as Walter Reed Medical Center and remained in the DMV Area and has 1 son, name Chase, her pride and joy!  Photo taken by Jackie Hicks Dr. Renee Allen is a name known to many in the DMV; she is known for being a extraordinary commentator for all occasions and events.  Dr. Renee' is the Founder & CEO of Star Entertainment Group, LLC.  Dr. Allen is also an International Best Seller Author of "Rebel Rising".  Dr. Allen devotes much of her time helping with other varies organizations.  Dr. Renee' is Vice President of Media for Global Health Solutions.  She is a partner of the United Nations, Historian & Secretary of "Sisters 4 Sisters Network Inc" and a board member of the Eleanor Foundation, which supports Domestic Violence and human Trafficking and Felicia's Fund which empowers and educates young girls.  2014 Missionary Trip with Peggy Morris, President S4SN and Pamela P. Dessaso Fdn. to Ghana, Africa to bring aid with Doctors & Nurses to the Village of Atonkwa with Chief Nana. Dr. Renee' Allen is a busy lady and she does it all with her radiate smile! This inspirational, go-getting Woman is a POWER-HOUSE and possesses much STAR-POWER.  Dr. Allen is the inaugural host of NEWS Channel 8 Television Show "Women's Business Report".  She is the Co-host of the Chris Thomas show with Dr. Renee' on Urban One & Radio One every Thursday at 11:30am on 95.9 fm and 104.1 am.  She is featured in the second edition of Who Who's in black Washington, DC as one of the "Women of Excellence".   With a voice as such and an incredible spirit and drive to help others, Dr. Allen, knew she had a voice and knew it was her duty to serve others! The Radio Host Dr. Renee' Allen is the HOST of THE RENEE' ALLEN AND FRIENDS SHOW on WLVS Radio, the largest online broadcast in the United states.  Dr. Allen began The Renee' Allen and Friends show in January 2015 and the show has grown to have a huge following.  The show is broadcasted every Wednesday evening at 7pm at   Dr. Allen's 1-hour Radio show has a spectrum of guests ranging from business owners, to authors to singers and more.  Dr. Renee' Allen brings the BEST Radio Content to the Air-waves!  The People's EMCEE Dr. Renee' Allen has had the pleasure of hosting hundreds of events around the DMV as well as the HOST for many prestigious RED CARPET events.  Interview The Savvy Event Guru: How did you begin this journey of Emceeing events?  Dr. Renee': I began emceeing events back as a Teenager at the YMCA and it grew from there. I began hosting school events through-out high school; Spanish Heritage Month programs, Black History Month programs, etc. But I began my professional career of Emceeing Events over 30 years ago back when I Hosted an event for Berry Fletcher and Roger Gore at the "Classics" in Camp Springs, MD.  The Savvy Event Guru: What were some of the events you emceed?  Dr. Renee': I will go as far back as The 9th Street Stage of Historic River Fest; back with One of the Greatest Designers, the "late" Bill Washington, Designer Pat Smith Swimwear and Make-up by Derrick Rutledge.  I will go as recent as the "Finally Me 4 Real" Women's Conference with Dr. Jazz that I emceed on October 11-13, 2019. There are hundreds of other events, which I am grateful for each and everyone of them.    The Savvy Event Guru: How did you get the name "The People's Emcee"?  Dr. Renee': People have been very good to me and received me well for the most part.  I have been blessed to receive many compliments, when it comes to stage etiquette and stage presence.  I have been pegged many beautiful names such as "DMV Finest MC", "The Mouth Piece", "Stage Magic", "Shinning Star", "Star", "Starlynn" (a name given to me by my "late" Dad, Leith Fraser)...Thats a long funny story.(smiles)  But one day while I was campaigning with my friend, Debra Carter, for the Former County Executive of Prince George's County Mr. Rushern Baker, Baker's Wife, former 1st Lady, Mrs. Christa Baker said to me "You are the People's Emcee"! She said this after observing me Sing and motivate the people to get out in vote in each area that we were campaigning in and the name JUST STUCK!!  Photo taken by Spencer Peace April 27, 2019 "A Night To Remember" Fundraiser Gala & Fashion Show to benefit Kennedy Krieger Institute by Stephanie White Events The Savvy Event Guru: Wow that is an amazing story on how you got your name "The People's Emcee!...(smiles)   The Savvy Event Guru: Who would you say has Mentored you over the years? Dr. Renee': I have always been an advocate of self help and positive attitude books, but some of my long-time physical Mentors include my amazing parents, Leith (RIP) & Charlotte Fraser, Charles Overton Scott, Darnell & Traci Self, George & Emma Fraser, Margo McKay, and Dr. H L Barner, however I am always in council with God!  The Savvy Event Guru: So what Inspires You to continue to do what you do? Dr. Renee': Making people happy makes me happy.  How I make people feel when I am on stage also makes me happy.  The gift God has given me to inspire, empower, motivate and connect others brings joy to my heart and that's pretty much what inspires me to continue to do what I do!   The Savvy Event Guru: Where does your Motivation come from? What Motivates you?  Dr. Renee': My motivation comes from the fact that God has given me a chance to do something to serve others but my personal motivation is my extraordinary, amazing, talented and kind son Chase Joseph!   Dr. Renee': My other motivation is God (or whatever Higher power you believe in) has placed us all on this earth to POUR into others; whether it spiritually, physically or financially. #ButGOD   We all have been charged to be ourselves and to do the best that we can do for others and to intercede on behalf of others when possible and when necessary.  I am the oldest of 3 sisters and I had to be accountable for my sisters; that charge parlayed into my adult life. I find myself even helping women who don't appear to like me because its the right thing to do. We are all growing and each decade we evolve into different women.  Photos taken by Phelan Dr. Renee': God has truly blessed me with an AWESOME tribe of both women and men that are situated in the front row of my life! To my beautiful Mother, Charlotte Fraser, you have always been the Wind beneath my Wings!  Thank you to my sister Lisa for always being there no matter what, as well as my Sister Sonya, my nieces Amber, Arielle, Shayna and to my entire family for loving me and encouraging me!...Oh and by the way let me give some kudos to my future better The Savvy Event Guru: So, what's Next for Dr. Renee' Allen? Dr. Renee': I am blessed to be working on several projects, including my Son, Chase J. Allen's 1st book  "JUST JUMP IN" Chase Your Dreams, Youthful Guide to Riding the Waves of Life Through Poetry.  I am also working on my 1st Solo book series called "Star Power" and my Upcoming 2nd Star Power Experience.  I am also working on The Purple Runway with Gigi McMillan, The American Veterans Ball, The Women of Wealth event, GODSU Empower U and Graduation, Sisters 4 Sisters Network event with Dr. Jazz and the 1st Inaugural Gala for Felicia's Fund with BRAVO TV Coverage with The Potomac Housewives. Dr. Renee': I would also like to take this opportunity to share the importance of having a home base business in the 21st Century.  It is very important to have several streams of income and in my sincere opinion, one of them should be a Multi-Level-Marketing or Networking marketing company.  I have partnered with my Mentor of over 30 years, Dr. Lance London and his amazing NeVetica Team!  If anyone is interested in starting your own home base business contact me at and I will send you information! The Savvy Event Guru: Closing out, what is "The People's Emcee known for? What are some of your SIGNATURE nuances?  Dr. Renee': Hmmmm....laughs....Okay so there are a few things that I am known for doing and the funny thing is, after watching me, others have begun doing some of these things as well.   Dr. Renee': I am know for "Singing my Words" I am also known for my legendary "BELL Ringing"🔔 during my Wednesday evening Radio Show, the Thursday morning show with Chris Thomas, as well as at some of my events.  Everyone knows my bell! I found it to be a huge compliment to see that I have influenced others to "RING the BELL" on their show; it is so exciting to me!   And last but not least I am known for my "BAM BOOM, POWDOW" that always gets the crowd excited! (smiles)  The Savvy Event Guru: lol...WOW, that's amazing.  Thank you thank you so very much Dr. Renee' Allen for sitting down with me today.  I have truly been blessed by this experience! Before we go I just want to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and blessings! Dr. Renee': Aww Thank you so very much!  Dr. Renee' Starlynn Allen has definitely paved the way for a multitude of women, men and entrepreneurs.  Her level of professionalism, style of deliverance and knack for going the extra mile to help others is incredible.  I have had the wonderful opportunity of working directly with Dr. Renee' Allen and I have experienced her kindness and her "light"!  While during some research I discovered that Dr. Renee' Allen has been VOTED for being one of the TOP 20 DMV Black Socialites in the Washington, DC Area!  This is such a GREAT Honor for such a warm and graceful woman! Thank you again Dr. Renee' for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me! For more information on how to Book Dr. Renee' Allen and other contact information for The People's Emcee and The Renee' Allen and Friends Show see information below!   How can people get in touch with Dr. Renee' Allen for bookings, etc! For bookings and rates please check out her website at or email at Follow Dr. Renee' Allen on Instagram @thepeoplesemcee and RENEE ALLEN & FRIENDS SHOW on Facebook and instagram. For More from The Savvy Event Guru check out Our website at and also check us out on THE SAVVY EVENT GURU YouTube Channel at



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