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 The VIP Experience from the Door to the Pew Every Sunday at Victory Grace Center with Dr. Jasmin Sculark! 

On Sunday November 12, The Savvy Event Guru had a chance to stop by and Fellowship with the GREAT Members of Victory Grace Center Church with Lead Pastor Dr. Jasmin Sculark aka Dr. Jazz!

The welcome received from the door as, I entered Victory Grace Center was both warm and welcoming. 

The Staff engaged with me immediately, welcoming me to the sanctuary.  I was then ushered into the sanctuary and quickly seated with my friend Dr. Renee Allen, who invited me. When I arrived Praise & Worship had begun, and the worship experience was welcomed. 

Hands and voices raised high, the choir sang praise and worship before the service begun. 

Most Pastors, have their own unique way of preaching the gospel and Dr. Jazz is exceptional.  Dr. Jazz brought and preached the word and I left the sanctuary feeling better than when I arrived.  

I was then given the amazing opportunity to sit with Dr. Jazz that week, after service and I got a chance to learn more about the Trinidad born Pastor.

The Savvy Event Guru:  Dr. Jazz, wonderful, wonderful service!  Thank you. I received just what I needed and a little more to carry me through the week!

The Savvy Event Guru:  Dr. Jazz, can you take me on the Journey of how you answered your "Call" to preach the Gospel?  We can actually begin with where you were born. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Okay that will be perfect!  Well, I was born in Trinidad, in a village called Laventille.  I never really knew my father and tragically my mother passed away when I was 14 years old. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  I am so very sorry to hear that.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: No, it's okay.  

The Savvy Event Guru: You know sometimes life circumstances can be used as fuel to go "Forward" and do great things in life. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: One day when I was fourteen years old, I was invited to church.  Little did I know that day I would be so impacted by the service.  I knew then that was going to Preach!

The Savvy Event Guru:  WOW, that is amazing.  Sometimes it takes some people a lifetime to recognize their calling and you found your within only a few minutes.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  I knew then that I wanted to make an impact on people.

The Savvy Event Guru: So, after God spoke to you about your calling, what happen next?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  I knew that I needed to come to the United States. I was denied entry into the US 6 times and finally was given the opportunity to come in 1985.  

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  Once I was in the United States I went to New York and applied to a Bible school and was accepted to an All-White Bible School. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  You sound like a force to be recon with.  You knew the assignment and wasted no time in getting started! 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  Thats right!

The Savvy Event Guru: Can you take me on the journey of how you started Victory Grace Center? 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Yes, definitely.  So, 8 years ago, Bishop TD Jakes prophesied over me and said "a GREAT door is going to open for me." This was something that stuck by me and in me. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: In 2015, I Pastored Jericho City of Praise and left after 1 year.  Then in 2016 in September on Labor Day to be exact, I started Victory Grace Center! 

The Savvy Event Guru: That is amazing Congratulations!  It sounds like that door opened up! 😊 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Thank you thank you it has been a blessing! 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: When Victory Grace Center was started, we began in Bladensburg High School and was there for 2 years. Then we moved to Springdale High School for 1 year. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Not only were we in the building every Sunday but we at Victory Grace Center feed 500-600 people every Saturday. 

The Savvy Event Guru: Only great things will happen when you sow into others.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  When the pandemic hit everything shut down and we went Virtual.  For 3 years 120 people met via Zoom for Sunday Service. 

The Savvy Event Guru: The level of commitment and the power of God's Word spoken through you has made such an impact, even during the Pandemic when everything was shut down.

The Savvy Event Guru: So, when did you come back to the building?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: In August 2022 the Lord said that it is time for you to go back in the building, it's time for you to go back in person.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  In January 2023 Victory Grace Center began in person worship services once a month at Restoration Praise Center.

The Savvy Event Guru: There is nothing like the voice of God.  So, when did you moved into the location that you are in today?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We began Services every Sunday at 8am at Higher Calling November 5, 2023, so this is our second Sunday at this location. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  Congratulations.  I love your new location. 

The Savvy Event Guru: When people come through those doors on Sunday, what type of experience do you want your guests and members to have?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We want people to have a VIP experience!  Everyone is a VIP when they walk through that door. Our Motto is that we treat everybody as a VIP regardless of status, gender, sexuality or color. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  And the VIP Experience is definitely what I experienced when I walked through those doors.

The Savvy Event Guru:  What's Next for Victory Grace Center?  What's next on your agenda?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Within the next 90 Days we want to build on the local experience for our guests and members. We want to build a Victorius Experience. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We also want to do more Global preaching. We want to build the online victorious experience.  So, our members will be able to get the Victory in Person experience and the Victory Online Global experience. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We have been fortunate to have over 30 countries and several states represented at Victory Grace Center! Texas, New Jersey, New York, South Africa, Trinidad to name a few. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We want our members to know that they can always stay connected with Victory Grace Center. People will have 3 options to connect online.  Members can connect through Our YouTube Channel, our Facebook Page and Zoom. On both YouTube and Facebook people will get to experience First-hand preaching and on Zoom people will get to experience Engagement. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  Wow Dr. Jazz!  People like variety and Victory Grace Center offers what people want. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  Thank you Dr. Jazz for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me today. I appreciate you tremendously.  

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  No problem. Thank you!

The Savvy Event Guru:  For more information on Victory Grace Center please visit Victory Grace Center – It’s A Victory Day! and for more information on Dr. Jasmin Sculark aka Dr. Jazz please visit Dr Jasmin Sculark (


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Grand Opening Celebration for "New" Carolina Kitchen Restaurant! Now offering Plant Base Food Options!

    On Friday October 20, 2023, Dr. Lance London celebrated the "Grand Opening" of a New Carolina Kitchen Restaurant that now offers guests' Plant Base Food options.

    A good business owner recognizes the needs of their customers and works to provides the need. Dr. London answered the "Request" of his customers!

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

    This Grand Opening event was an event fit for Royalty! Who's Who in the DMV area was definitely in the building for this celebratory event. The Grand Opening Celebration also included a Birthday Celebration for Dr. Lance London as well!

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media


    In 1996, Dr. London opened his first Carolina Kitchen Restaurant in Silver Spring, MD and today the Carolina Kitchen Restaurant Brand has 5 locations in and around the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.  Some of the restaurant favorites include their "Signature" Southern Fried Chicken, Creole Grill Salmon, Cajun Grilled Pork-Chop and BBQ Chicken.     

Mega Entrepreneur GIANT, Dr. Lance London, born in the District of Columbia and raised in Prince George's County, is not only a successful Restaurateur but Dr. London also owns and operates a successful Pet Company called, NeVetica Your Pets Choice, Care-products for pets. 

In 2012 Carolina Kitchen won the "Hoodie Award" for Best Soul Food Restaurant, a Neighborhood Award Show created by Talk Show Host and Radio Personality Steve Harvey. Carolina Kitchen continues to capture both new and old customers with their Southern Comfort food selections. 

    The Carolina Kitchen Brand continues to forge ahead creating a permanent placement in people's mind. "When you have a taste for a good Southern Cuisine meal, you know to come to Carolina Kitchen!" The New Carolina Kitchen Restaurant is located at 9009 Central Ave Capital Heights, MD.

The GRAND Opening

    Guests gathered, waiting for the arrival of Dr. London, in a decked-out event tent transformed into an elegant ballroom space, outline with dinner tables set for 6, clothed in black linen with red napkins on one side and high-top tables dressed in black linen on the other side of the space. There were 2 bars situated in opposite ends of the room with a succulent fruit exhibit nestled in the corner of the space. To the far let a buffet line, dressed in red & black linen sat prepared and ready to welcome guests. In the front, a stage was dressed and ready for the arrival of the "Man of the Hour" & DJ E-Square was situated left of the stage ready to entertain the guests.  Black and Gold Balloons columns outlined the space and a Carolina Kitchen "STEP & REPEAT" and a Red Carpet welcomed Guests at the entrance of the door.    

Photo Curtesy of The Savvy Event Guru

Photo Curtesy of The Savvy Event GuruPhoto Curtesy of The Savvy Event GuruPhoto Curtesy of The Savvy Event Guru

The Guests

    This "Grand" affair included the BEST of Who's Who in the DC Metropolitan Area.  The likes of RADIO GIANT, Russ Parr and Miss Jamie Foster Brown, CEO of Sisters 2 Sisters Magazine attended this event. 

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank MediaPhoto Curtesy of Joshua with Crank MediaPhoto Curtesy of Joshua with Crank MediaPhoto Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

    Other amazing guests included City Executive Angela Alsobrooks, States Attorney Aisha Braveboy, Love & Marriage DC Stars, Jamie & Erana Tyler, Bestie Roger Gore, owner of Alisar Vodka, Larry Founder and owner of Lorraines Premium BBQ Sauce, Show Producer Ron Cooke, Designer Michael Lombari, Make-Up Artist to Oprah Winfrey Derrick Rutledge, CEO & Owner of DC Fashion Week Mr. Ean Williams, BET Photographer & Lead Photographer for DC Fashion Week Phelan Marc, Celebrity Photographer Ms. Jackie Hicks, President & CEO of GO Management LLC George Onyenyeonwu, Models from the Model Agency Models Inc, were in the building, as well. 

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

    The Emcee of the Night was the 2023 Kingdom Ambassador for White House Prayer for Our Nation and one of Dr. London's Best Friends, Dr. Renee' Allen, Aka The Peoples Emcee in the DMV.

Roger Gore, owner of Alisar Vodka and also bestie to Dr. Lance London, supplied the "Spirts" for the evening. 

Photo Curtesy of The Savvy Event Guru

To say, that it would be hard to describe the emotions and feelings of being in the room for this magnificent occasion, would be an understatement!  There was a lot of BIG Energy in the room to include a lot of Love and admiration for Dr. Lance London. 

"The CHAMP is here! " The CHAMP is here!" shouted Dr. Renee' Allen aka, The Peoples Emcee. 

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank MediaDr. Lance London arrived and was quickly swept into hugs and handshakes from his guests. Dr. London was accompanied by CEO of Sisters 2 Sisters Magazine, Miss Jamie Foster Brown. Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

    After the "Man of the Hour" made his way through the crowd, guests made their way to the stage to take in the program for the evening.  

    Senator Joanne Benson of the 24th District for Prince George's County, (where the new Carolina Kitchen restaurant is located) joined Dr. Lance London on Stage and had some profound and beautiful words to say for Dr. London on this occasion. 

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

Video Curtesy of The Savvy Event Guru

    States Attorney, Aisha Braveboy then joined Dr. London on stage and presented Dr. London with a Salutation from Prince George's County. Dr. Lance London has made a tremendous contribution to not only Prince George's County but to the State of Maryland as a whole. He has provided jobs for families and has made a major impact on the lives of others. 

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

Video Curtesy of The Savvy Event Guru

It's Ribbon Cutting TIME!

    After all Stage formalities were completed, to include a prayer for the delectable buffet of food that was prepared for the occasion, guests gathered to the entrance of the NEW Restaurant for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony portion of the event!

Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

    Once the NEW Restaurant was official, guests were then invited inside the restaurant to view and take in the scenes, exceptional decor and the sounds of the live music on stage. Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media     The New Carolina Kitchen Restaurant provides a luxury feel with its suede seating waiting area and custom framed booths for guests seating opposite the separate immaculate dining area. Music Artist from several genres populated the walls of the establishment. The colors chosen for this new location possess a warm and cozy feel, inviting for guests. Photo Curtesy of Joshua with Crank Media

    In the space, guests were greeted with passed hors d' oeuvre, with the option of the buffet line as well. 

    Guests indulged in flavorful menu items, to include Lobster Tails, Crab Legs, Black eye peas, Potato Salad, Bake Beans, etc. 

    The night could not be complete without the celebration of the Birthday Honoree and the singing of the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" song to Dr. Lance London! 

Photo Curtesy of The Savvy Event Guru

(Painting by Demont Pinder, @demontpinder "Curator To The Culture")Video Curtesy of The Savvy Event Guru--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photo Curtesy of The Savvy Event Guru

This was a night of Celebration, a night of shared love and admiration for an inspirational Man who has paved the way for many in and around the DC Metropolitan Area.  Great, Food, Good Laughs, Good Company and a Great Cause for Celebration.

Photo by Ms. Jackie Hicks, Make-up by Ms. Letitia ThornhillFor More from The Savvy Event Guru check out Our website at and also check us out on THE SAVVY EVENT GURU YouTube Channel at

 WEMODEL USA 2023 Brings Awareness to Human Trafficking in the DMV and Beyond!


    Like many "causes" it's important to build an awareness around the "Cause" that you support.  It's important to rally the people and most important, that you stand for others when others cannot stand for themselves.


**The Department of Justice, defines Human Trafficking as a crime involving the exploitation of a person for labor, services, or commercial sex. (

    WEMODEL USA has made it their mission to help Women who have suffered, who have endured and who have been a VICTIM of Human Trafficking. 


    Started in 2017 the WE in WEMODEL USA stands for "WOMEN EMPOWERMENT".  The goal behind this organization is to " discover, inspire, empower and uplift all women to achieve their next level of success. ( 

    WEMODEL USA is an organization that also thrives to Connect, Protect and Provide for Women. This modeling and talent recruitment agency whose goal is to promote female entrepreneurs as well, is located in the Washington, DC, Northern VA areas. WEMODEL USA wants to raise a greater awareness on the "Global Issue" of Human Trafficking.  This is a crime that effects many people around the world to include men and children, but women are a greater target. 


    The Founders and Owners of WEMODEL USA is Ms. Patrica Watts and Ms. Phoenix Skye Jasmine Smith.

Ms. Patricia Watts

Ms. Phoenix Skye Jasmine Smith

Photo by Birhan Studio

2023 Portfolio of Events:

    I had the pleasure of attending several events this year, produced by WEMODEL USA.  Supporters of WEMODEL USA were given 4 opportunities to be a part of the "Stop Human Trafficking" Movement.  All events lead up to the Annual Fashion Gala & Charity Event in July 2023. 

WEMODEL USA started their 2023 Events off with their All-White Photo Shoot.


    On Sunday April 30, 2023, WEMODEL USA had their "Uninterrupted ALL WHITE Photo-Shoot. This photo shoot took place in Old Town Alexandria, VA.  Some of the attendees included the Founder Patrica Watts, Mayor Cashenna Cross and WUSA9's Mr. Darren Haynes.  

Photo by Birhan Studio

Photo by Birhan StudioPhoto by Birhan Studio

2nd ANNUAL PAPARAZZI POOL PARTY and Swimwear Contest  June 3, 2023

    On Saturday June 3, 2023, WEMODEL USA had their Paparazzi Pool Party and Swearwear Contest.  Event Photos were taken by Ken Rochon with Umbrella Syndicate. 

Photo by Ken RochonPhoto by Ken Rochon

Fashion Show Pentagon City Mall June 24, 2023

    The list of events continued for WEMODEL USA and in preparation for the Finale event in July, on June 24, 2023, WEMODEL USA had a Fashion Show at Pentagon City Mall in Pentagon City, Arlington, VA. This event took place right outside of Nordstrom's Department Store on the 2nd Floor. 



 Some of the people in attendance were Founders, Patricia Watts and Phoenix Skye, International Event Liaison Director, Tracye Snow, Pageant Show Producer, Dale Bradshaw, Lead Photographer at BET and Director of Photography for DC Fashion Week Phelan Marc and Emcee for the event and Red-Carpet Correspondent Lizeth Alvarado.  

Founder Patricia Watts

Emcee Lizeth Alvarado

Photo by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by The Savvy Event Guru 

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Video by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

    Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Advocate and Survivor of Sex-Trafficking, Ms. Barbara Kaye made an appearance and told her story. Ms. Kaye is truly a survivor and a Woman who is using her story to help others!   

Photo by The Savvy Event GuruVideo by The Savvy Event Guru

    The fashion show was phenomenal, and the guests were ecstatic. The models really stepped out and did an amazing job. 


Fashion Gala & Charity Event July 29, 2023

    WEMODEL USA, has had a busy year with all ROADS leading to July 29, 2023 for the Annual Fashion Gala and Charity event.   With the amount of time and planning that went into facilitating these events it would only be natural for the Finale event to be just a remarkable as the events before. 

    On Saturday July 29, 2023, I had the pleasure of attending the Annual WEMODEL USA Fashion Gala & Charity Event. This phenomenal event took place at the MGM National Harbor Hotel & Conference Center.  Show-Time for this event began at 4:30pm.


    This event was not just about the fashion, or the models and the designers, but more so about the "Cause" and the Awareness for Human Trafficking. 

    WEMODEL USA, understands that in order to continue their flight and raise awareness for Human Trafficking, it's important that we see and hear from the Survivors themselves.  On this evening the guests were able to listen firsthand, to the stories of the strong phenomenal Women, who experienced, who survived and who stood and continue to stand in the GAP for other women. 


    There was a Panel of 4 Women and 1 Moderator, with Moderation done by Mayor Cashenna Cross. 

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

    The goal of the "Victim to Victor" Panel segment was for guests to hear each Woman tell their story. Tell their story of survival.  Tell the story of how each woman transition from being a Victim to becoming a Victor!

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru 

"Victim to Victor" Speaker Ms. Monique Smith mentioned that she is the "OLDEST Living Jane Doe".

Video by The Savvy Event Guru"Victim to Victor" Speaker Dr. Michelle Mras uses the guiding principle "that every day is a gift".

Video by The Savvy Event Guru

    The "Victim to Victor" Panel segment was a classic example of how you can turn your pain into purpose.  Each lady told a story of horror and strength that left the audience in "Awe" of their journey. Each story was very powerful.  These women are CHAMPIONS! 

The Victim to Victor Panel segment lasted for about a little more than an hour. 

Photo by Rachel Ford, Madame Director

Victim to Victor Speaker Ms. Bella LevyPhoto by Rachel Ford, Madame DirectorVictim to Victor Speaker Ms. Theresa Caldwell JenkinsPhoto by The Savvy Event Guru

    Located near the area reserved for the Panel Segment, were 4 "situational examples" of "Human Trafficking". This idea was brilliant and once again brought the focus of this event back to the awareness of Human Trafficking.

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru



    The Evenings Hosts were WUSA9's Mr. Darren M. Haynes and Ms. Emily Giovinazzo 

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru


    The WEMODEL USA annul event had a Competition Element integrated into the Fashion Show and a competition could not be complete without the JUDGES! 

    The Judges for the evening event, were Former International Model Ms. Jana Sedlakova, #1International Best-Selling Author Ms. Nancy Alert, Founder of Global Conscious Initiative and Co-Founder of DMV 48 Men of Power, Dr. Renee' Allen,  Beauty Industry Leader and Founder of Josie's Faces, Josie Valdez, Veteran Marketing Professional Katharine Smith and Actor Mr Lamont Easter. 


    The Model Coordinator for this evenings Fashion event is owner of Cintia Hullen Model Academy and Director of World Top Model DMV, Mrs. Cintia Hullen. 

Designers:    You cannot have models without designers and this evening designers were Romona Designs, Fanny Mpwo, Rosa Maria and Amr ManDoor. The MODELS:Photo by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by Rachel Ford, Madame DirectorVideo by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by Rachel Ford, Madame Director Photo by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by The Savvy Event GuruVideo by The Savvy Event Guru Model Skits    To drive the message of "Stop Human Trafficking" the fashion show included several skits and symbolisms throughout the fashion showVideo by The Savvy Event GuruVideo by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by Rachel Ford, Madame Director THE WINNER:    The Winner for this evening's Fashion Gala & Charity Event was Ms. Lilly Isabella Benevides.  The 2nd Runner up winner was Ms. Scarlett Alexander and the 3rd Runner up winner was Ms. Andrea Centeno.Photo by The Savvy Event GuruVideo by The Savvy Event GuruWords from Founder Patricia WattsPhoto by The Savvy Event GuruVideo by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by Rachel Ford, Madame DirectorMayor Cashenna Cross & Founder Ms. Patricia Watts

Elements of Surprise:

    WEMODEL USA, left nothing untouched. Guests were able to spend time shopping checking out the amazing vendors, guests had options to take photos at the Red Carpet and Balloon Displays located outside of the ballroom and at the entrance of the ballroom. Guests were able to take part in the cash bars located inside the room and outside in the lobby near the ballroom.  WEMODEL USA did a fantastic job of creating an event with consideration for their audience.

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Queens & Kings

    A Fashion Show could not be complete without the QUEENS and the King. This event was attended by several Local Queens & Mr. DC 2023 himself!  I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Maryland International 2023 LaQuisha Hall, Ms. Senior DC Miss Cerise Turner, Dr. LaVerne Adams, Ms. Sr. Earth and Mr. DC 2023 David Valeriano. 

Photo by Rachel Ford, Madame Director Photo by Rachel Ford, Madame Director 

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

The Venue & Decor:

    WEMODEL USA could have had their Fashion Gala & Charity Event at any location in the DMV area.  The decision to use the 135,000 sf MGM National Harbor Hotel with its 308 Hotel Rooms and 2,500 sf of meeting and event space, was an excellent choice. 

    The decor was exceptional for the gala event. A "Balloon Arch" Step and repeat with a Pink carpet greeted guests at the door.  The room was dressed with tables in white table clothes, throughout and around the perimeter of the room. The stage was lined with 2 rows of chairs on each side. The staged was accompanied with a large screen.  Located near the end of the stage was the photo pit with photographers for the event and the judge's table. 2 podiums sat on both sides of the stage near the front for the hosts. Both the event tables and chairs that lined the stage were accompanied with the WEMODEL USA 2023 Magazine. The decor was sleek, appropriate, simple but very classy. 

    Groove Entertainment provided the Event Lighting, Drapes and DJ Munny aka Brian provided the Music.

    When choosing a venue for your event, you want to make it as easy as possible for your guests arrive. With the wrap around parking and local garages situated around the venue the MGM afforded guests the luxury of ample parking.

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by The Savvy Event GuruPhoto by The Savvy Event Guru

The Experience:

    WEMODEL USA did an extraordinary job with their 2023 events.  This organization truly does an amazing job with building the awareness for Human Trafficking and all of what WEMODEL USA does will help women, men and children rise above any horrific  experience of Human Trafficking. 

    As someone who attends Fashion Shows and Charity events on a regular, I always look for an experience when attending these events.  My experience begins the minute I check-in at the registration table.  When I arrived to the WEMODEL USA Fashion Gala  Event, the folks at the Registration Table were very welcoming and helpful with regards to seating, etc. Everyone was pleasant and I was able to get event footage I needed for the event with ease. 

    The "Victim to Victor's" Panel Event was a great additional to this event. Most of the time, when attending Fashion Events, you only come to see the fashion but it was a PLUS to be able to hear the stories and meet the Survivors on the Panel. This was a wonderful experience. 

    Guests were able to enjoy passed hors d'oeuvres while David Valeriano, Mr. DC 2023 serenaded the audience with song right before the fashion show began. Guests such as Mr. Ean Williams, Founder of DC Fashion Week was in attendance along with Celebrity guest Doc Mobi.  

    My overall experience at this event was great!  There were no long lines, I was able to find my seat with ease and I was able to get the event footage with no problem. This was also a great networking event. Many people from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Fashion scene were in attendance.  WEMODEL USA was able to incorporate a good balance of both fashion and awareness for Human Trafficking.  The evening ended with a Swag Bag takeaway for guests, which is always a classic gesture. 

    WEMODEL USA continues to fight to bring awareness to Human Trafficking through fundraiser events, panel events, real-life survivor stories, entrepreneurship, mentoring, etc.  This fight will not be over until all people are free from the abuse of Human Trafficking. 

Photos by The Savvy Event Guru

Founder Patricia Watts & The Savvy Event Guru

The Savvy Event Guru & Dr. Renee' AllenThe Savvy Event Guru, Doc Mobi and Media Podcaster Monique Massey Jefferson


Photo by The Savvy Event Guru & Model Coordinator Cintia Hullen

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